Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tricot Treat

Lately, S. has been teaching me to knit. It isn’t a long-cherished ambition or anything, but I’m going to be an uncle soon, and an edict has been issued: four-inch squares of knitting from everyone, no excuses. To be stitched together into a blanket. The picture isn’t the finished square, just a practice one, and it’s been surprisingly enjoyable to do. Miles better to listen to music to than surfing the web, which is what usually happens around here. If you got good at it, I imagine it might even be as good for listening to music to as a long train journey.

Anyway, I’m just churning out some place-holder text to try to approximate the look of a post on Anne Bacheley’s much missed old blog, which often had knitting on it, in amongst the music, books and comics. And all of a sudden – it’s back! In English, too. Fabulous news.

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anneemall said...

Nice! I was precisely thinking about making a post about 'why I like knitting'. My sister too is pregnant so I'd better start new projects soon!

Chris said...

My favourite way of listening to music - recorded music, anyway - was always on headphones, on the move. It is nice to have a static alternative. 'Different parts of the brain', S. reckons.

Congrats re: the impending aunt-hood, and welcome back!

brogues said...

'tricot treat' is a great pun! Good work, sir. You chose a fine colour for your knitting, too :)

Chris said...

The colours were picked by central government (little sis) and deployed in strictly rationed quantities by the civil service (Mum), so I can't claim credit there. The pun was mine though - ta!

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