Sunday, March 28, 2010


Today, I was going to try to battle through the remnants of this attention-span-blasting cold to get to the end of Anne Brontë’s enchanting Agnes Grey, and then say something sensible about it here. But although one of those things might happen, the other is looking pretty doubtful, so instead, here is the poster for the next of Brogues’ Foolin’ Around series of concerts (they’re back! back!!! etc.). Never less than really really good, and occasionally so incredible you wonder what anyone needs religion for anyway, if you are anywhere in the northern hemisphere and not deaf, you would be daft to miss it. Even if you are deaf, there is a jolly nice poster to enjoy.

Line-up: The Lodger, Water Wolves
Vital stats: 20/4, 7:30, £5, 12, 0141 553 2400, Mono, Glasgow

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brogues said...

Thanks for the mention...much appreciated, sir! Glad you like the poster :)

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