Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Echo Festival of Sound and Light!

So that’s Brogues and Anne B. covered on La Terrasse this month, but you will be asking yourselves, what of The Wildhouse? There was this terrific self-review of a gig I missed:

20 minutes one song
all played different songs, i think, total fuckin racket
sheila does not remember playing at all
paul was very angry
pete played most of the gig with a screwdriver
ha ha

They have also been organising a gig / festival on the 9th May, which Mark asked if I’d mention, and – why not? I can’t make it to that one either, so I may as well do a review in advance. Or at least as much as to say that there will be noisy music and shouted poetry, and at least one properly famous person (Malcolm Ross! Only from bloody Orange Juice! And, y’know, the fun ’n’ frenzy filled Josef K), singing a broad Scots ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ in various contexts; there will be atrocious band names – Ross’ The Bum Clocks, Ultimate Thrush, and Tayside Mental Health, whose ‘Le Chic Spastique’ video on the festival website is quite terrifying; there will be Andy and Graeme of The Candy Store Prophets making their first live appearance in absolutely ages; there will be The Wildhouse themselves, doing angry things with screwdrivers.

Clearly the shouted poetry idea could go either way, but this is such an ambitious thing to put on in a city which just lost one mid size venue, and in which there is nothing remotely interesting on at the other one between now and November. Go along and have your ears shredded, at least half of this will be brilliant.


brogues said...

The Wildhouse's misanthropic beatgaze was brilliant at Pivo Pivo the other. If I'm feeling brave enough (it's Dundee...so far away and scary!) I'll be at the festival...

Chris said...

It isn't that far! And scary? In all my time here I can honestly say I've only been attacked by a cokehead with an umbrella on one occasion.

Andy said...

It appears we've been elevated to the 'top table'. Got a fright when I read on the Underground Scene message board that Ultimate Thrush had had to pull-out but would be replaced by The Candy Store Prophets. We've 'rehearsed' four things and will be on at 6:40. I'm really excited, it looks like being a great event... Brogues be brave, Dundee isn't really scary... though some of the bands on Saturday might be. In a good way though!

Chris said...

Bloody hell, what a thing to miss! Hope it goes well.

'Ultimate Thrush had had to pull out'... pure poetry.

Anonymous said...

tayside mental health were astonishing

Anonymous said...

Guess What??
My children always say this and i correct them.
Anyway the "Guess What" is The Wildhouse are putting on a bigger and better festival on 12.11.11 Balcony Bar £3.99 for 9 fine bands
Would you mind giving it a plug please.If not that's cool
Mark Wildhouse

Anonymous said...

thank you once again

Chris said...

You're welcome Mark, sounds like a noble endeavour.

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