Saturday, April 18, 2009

Anti That

The best short record review I have ever seen:

I love the song!
Your singing is dreamy, the electric beat machine sounds electro pop, and acoustic instruments give me heartwarming atoms.
Not that I am totally impartial – the electric beat machine and acoustic instruments that Hiroho is referring to were played by me, the dreamy singing and the song being supplied by Anne Bacheley, to whom that message was addressed. Isn’t the internet brilliant?

Listen to ‘Anti That’ at Anne’s MySpace page.


Post MySpace update: ‘Anti That’ is now here.


Piebird said...

Well, it is such a lovely song! and I love the new vocal, Anne... beautiful...

Richard said...

Any future collaberations should be done under the name "Heartbreaking Atoms". The song is ace by the way.

Chris said...

'Heartwarming', I hope you mean. But that is an idea.

Richard said...

"Heartwarming" is much better! Sometimes I'm glad I can't read.

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