Saturday, January 31, 2009

When You Disappear (Encore)

Anne Bacheley says: ‘Ma décision est prise, j’arrête ce blog’, and her blog is gone. Bang goes my plan to get to the point where I could read Proust in French by reading there in the meantime about comics, indie rock and knitting, though to be fair this might have taken several hundred years. I started reading it because of her songs, and continued because it was a nice place to be: the book and music recommendations, the excited updates on how her album Headquarters was doing (the recent ‘“Headquarters” dans les tops!!!’ being my favourite of these – I was so proud to have had something to do with letting her know how good it is in my end of year list). There weren’t as many drawings as you might expect (hopefully there will be more now?), but there was plenty of superior uncategorisable blog fluff: there was a post about ghosts in different rooms of her house, which struck me as a) hilarious and b) oddly comprehensible, for someone who couldn’t read French. Here are ‘Les fantômes de la cuisine’:

All gone. And so the January blues get hiked again. This has the advantage of making the Tenniscoats and Eddie Marcon records Chris just gave me seem ten times more beautiful, but all the same, I’d rather have her blog back. Thank you, Anne, for lots of things, and I hope you don’t mind if I salvage the Planet Sunflower review you wrote. There aren’t too many of those around. Come back soon.

Planet Sunflower

Dans ma boîte aux lettres puis sur ma platine, le Escarpment EP de Planet Sunflower. Il s’agit d’enregistrements maison d’un duo constitué de Chris de The Long Vacation et du blog La Terrasse, et de sa soeur Catriona. Si j’ai du mal à décrire leurs morceaux, c’est que j’aurais l’impression de ne ré-utiliser que des mots que j’ai lus à propos de ma propre musique (genre “charmant”, “frais”, “lo-fi”, “mélodique”…). Ceci dit, le 2e morceau, une reprise de Kate Bush très réussie (je connais mal l’original mais ça sonne pas du tout pareil) joue plutôt la carte sombre et psychédélique. Allez donc écouter et/ou télécharger tout ça ici.

25 octobre 2008

Places from which Anne hasn’t disappeared: Main site, MySpace.

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