Friday, February 28, 2014

BAMS 2013

I forgot to mention that this blog’s list of great records made in 2013 by ’80s and ’90s legends (and a few others) was included in the Manic Pop Thrills-run Scottish Blogs and Music Sites poll this year. The subtext of the request, I think, was that my inclusion might help to propel Throwing Muses’ Purgatory / Paradise into the list, except that I was an awkward sod and stuck to what I had originally chosen for Monorail. So, thanks and apologies to Manic Pop Thrills for the inclusion and the omission respectively. The final list includes all of two records I had previously heard, so there’s plenty of discovering to be done there, and in the list of contributor’s blogs, I suspect. Equally, those good people could do with listening to more Helen Love.

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