Monday, March 05, 2012

Back in the Community

More on nineteenth century Christianity soon – I think I may have found the model for Cold Comfort Farm, and it isn’t Wuthering Heights after all – but in the mean time, here is a poster for this month’s Dundee Subway Sect gig:

There are shows in Glasgow and Edinburgh preceding it. Also in Dundee this month is an event organised by Mark Wildhouse, with Hookers for Jesus, Metal Rabies and the like. The show he put on last November, which I mentioned in passing but didn’t actually review, damit, was extraordinary.

Bringing all that together, via Cold Comfort Farm’s Aunt Ada Doom character and Vic Godard’s ‘Stool Pigeon’ lyric, here is a photo of Aggi Doom playing Sunday’s We Can Still Picnic compilation launch show, in front of the fourteenth century Christian imagery of The Seventh Seal. None of these connections mean anything, you know.


Anonymous said...

Metal Rabies
Crown Prince's of rock
Medals should be given to those who stayed till the end
All Apologies for the hearing loss

Chris said...

That was a nice curve, wasn't it? From complaints from the venue about a fairly tame soundcheck noise, to possibly the loudest thing I have ever heard. Ow! I liked the bit when Pete dropped the amp and it went cavernous boom.

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