Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tchotchke Table

Last year, as a kickback against all the digital-only music I was accumulating, I began to lay out purchases with a more tangible physical form on a desk. It is so easy now to find music one day, chuck it into iTunes, and forget that it was ever there (note to self: this almost certainly deserves better). The table was a way of creating a visual context. This week I found a name for it that doesn’t refer to coffee, via an article of Simon Reynolds’. Bottom left are postcards from this year’s Duncan of Jordanstone degree show, where the design departments once again had most of the best stuff. If you’re talking chart places, Interactive Media Design were a high new entry, Interior and Environmental Design slipped ever so slightly from the top, and Jewellery and Metal Design were a non-mover at number two. Illustration fell 30 places due to wanting to be Fine Art, and Graphic Design failed to chart through slavishly following uninspired briefs as per usual (the pink postcard is from the exception to this). Against the wall and to the right are, y’know, records. I won’t list them except for Rachel Grimes’ Book of Leaves, bottom right, which is obscured by the only ray of sun we have had all weekend. To the right of that the negative crescent moon is a Peter Parker button badge.


brogues said...

Nice picture! I love looking at pictures of lots of lovely pieces of art. When I was first seriously getting into music I used to put lots of 7"s on the floor and photograph them from above by standing on my bed. Looking back on the photos recently was great fun. Just seeing pictures of a floor laid out with records by Melody Dog, Half Japanese, The Pastels, Daniel Johnston etc. was enough to put a spring in my step for hours. Sweet!

Chris said...

That sounds like a splendid floor! There's no doubt about it: laying out lovely records does wonders for a room. It's also good that it gives you a reason to keep a little bit of it tidy.

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