Sunday, March 08, 2009


It may previously have been suggested hereabouts that The Wildhouse’s song ‘Doug and Billy’ is about Doug Yule and Billy Name. This is wrong, it is about Doug Yule and his brother Billy, as Mark from the Wildhouse camp told me on Friday. Billy stood in for Moe Tucker in the Velvet Underground when she was too pregnant to drum, he said. He also noted that my review of The Wildhouse’s Poet:Saint could ‘be read either way’, in terms of whether it was favourable or not. He was right. I liked the record, but I had reservations. But I had none at all about their gig that night, a feedback frenzy which culminated in so many broken strings and a guitar twirled repeatedly on its head not to mention used as a drum stick, plus a chant which only emerged as audible once the screeches had begun to subside, the words ‘I AM YOUR SHEPHERD’ and Christ this is how blasphemy should be. Best £3 I have ever spent. Somebody give them an Oscar. Their flyer too was perfection.

There is a video here of the opening song.


Anonymous said...

oops!hope i didnt come across as a know it all tit!hope you can change your mind about the would be nice.

Chris said...

No, you didn't at all! I don't know very much in the way of Velvets history really - most of what I do know comes from 'Songs for Drella'. Where the Yules don't come up, for some reason...

Anonymous said...

hey chris
cant find you on myspace
please send me a message.have a favour to ask
mark wildhouse

Anonymous said...

hey chris
thought you may like to know thay we have been signed to 17 seconds records

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