Thursday, December 11, 2008

Monorail Poll 2008

Before heading over to the Captain’s Rest for the Vivian Girls last Saturday, Chris and I went to Monorail. He splurged on Tenniscoats-related releases, while I picked up the new Fennesz album and Frànçois’ ‘Brother’ EP. A double gatefold 7" with marbled vinyl and an illustrated lyric sheet for each disc, no less. He can sure do packaging. And songs. Stephen Pastel was in, and after politely declining to help Chris whittle down his large pile of CDs by pointing out the duff ones, he asked us if we’d like to contribute to the Monorail end of year poll. Yes, please!

My list first:


  1. Anne Bacheley – Headquarters
  2. Helen Love – It’s My Club And I’ll Play What I Want To
  3. Robert Forster – The Evangelist
  4. Days – Downhill
  5. The Notwist – The Devil, You + Me
  6. Ai Aso – The Chamomile Pool
  7. Momus – Joemus
  8. American Music Club – The Golden Age
  9. Bare Knees and Ray Rumours – Songs To Play At Sleepovers
  10. Air France – No Way Down

Plush – Fed


  1. Sexy Kids – Sisters Are Forever
  2. Ray Rumours and Frànçois – Mr. Bear and Swimmers / Drifters
  3. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Everything With You
  4. Kings Have Long Arms (featuring Candie Payne) – Big Umbrella
  5. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Dig, Lazarus, Digg!!!

And Chris’:


  1. Crystal Stilts – Alight of Night
  2. Ai Aso – The Chamomile Pool
  3. Times New Viking – Rip It Off
  4. Tenniscoats & Secai – Tenniscoats & Secai
  5. Vivian Girls – Vivian Girls
  6. Remember Remember – Remember Remember
  7. Anne Bacheley – Headquarters
  8. Momus – Joemus
  9. Robert Forster – The Evangelist
  10. Sic Alps – U.S. EZ


African Scream Contest


  1. Planet Sunflower – The Escarpment EP
  2. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Everything With You
  3. Tenniscoats / Tape – Lutie Lutie / Come Maddalena
  4. The Gummy Stumps – Hightower
  5. Taken By Trees – Sweet Child O’ Mine


Tim Footman said...

"Stephen Pastel was in."

In a more just universe, that sentence would be on a par with "I went down to B&Q to get some more blue paint for the bathroom wall, and Pablo Picasso was doing his morning shift. He asked us to contribute to his 2008 Favourite Shade Of Off-White Poll."

Chris said...

Monorail is its own just universe, Tim.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm so honored!! I wouldn't have dreamt being on anyone's end of year list... Thanks guys! I've sent my list too.

Anonymous said...

Tremendous lists, chaps! Heh heh ... Chris's top 3 was amazing ... and a little familiar :) Slumberland for the cup! I really should hear this Robert Forster album methinks. Lovely crisp photo, too. I could look at picture of people's records all day.

Momus said...

Yay, thanks guys, from the Joemus team!

Momus said...

(I hope Stephen Pastel doesn't exclude Joemus because of the line "You married a man with a Pastels badge" on The Cooper o' Fife, by the way? We didn't mean to imply that the woman in question made, in any sense, an unwise decision there. Pastels fans are very eligible.)

Chris said...

'Headquarters' is amazing, Anne. One of my favourite things ever. But you knew that.

Thanks for recommending Days and Ai Aso, Brogues. 'The Evangelist' is stately and warm in just the right proportions, go get it!

I don't know about Stephen, Momus, but I love that line. S. noticed it when you sang it at Stereo, turned with a grin to point at the Pastels badge of the boy she's going to marry, if we ever get around to it.

Richard said...

I concur with Chris S about his favourite single, and The Golden Age is truly marvellous. But no Silver Jews?

Chris said...

Silver Jews could easily have made it in - 'Strange Victory, Strange Defeat' is one of my favourite songs of the year, certainly.

Thanks for the Air France record - proper pop, that.

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