Friday, May 07, 2010

Election Night Special

Yesterday morning, doing some last minute Googling in order to have some clue who to vote for, I found to my horror that I’d been living in an SNP constituency for the last 5 years. The Labour candidate didn’t seem to want to do much about it either – information about her pitch for office was scanty, and the only Labour name being touted on lamp posts and railings around here was that of the MP for the next constituency along, who has a massive majority. It seemed odd: this was a seat they could probably have won back. They lost by a hair’s breadth in 2005, this time it was substantially more. How silly. That was my disinterested take on the election. Over in Edinburgh, aided by a ‘crate of Delirium Tremens’, Chris got rather more into it. Here is his cracking Facebook coverage, reproduced by kind, not to say foolhardy, permission:

21 hours ago

Work out your Tory victory name by taking the name of a Tory shadow minister and adding DEAR GOD, NO! at the end.

20 hours ago

A mathematical formula:

Ben Bradshaw = Massive Cunt.

18 hours ago

Simple algebra:

Jeremy Vine = Shite.

17 hours ago

An algorithm:

Alex Salmond + oxygen = 100% unadulterated pish.

17 hours ago

Eat my shit, Jacqui Smith, eat my shit.

Only, make sure you film it so your husband can have a big wank over it.

17 hours ago

Charles Clarke has been beaten by a LibDem midget!

I hope he filmed it so Jacqui Smith’s husband can have a big wank.

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